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Castle Rock Radio

Mar 29, 2019

In this week’s episode, special guest Brian Asman joins us to talk about the short story Stephen King only wrote because he lost a bet. “Herman Wouk is Still Alive” demonstrates many things, especially the fact that even in 2011 Stephen King still suffered from an embarrassing case of fat-phobia. Also, what the...

Mar 21, 2019

In this week's episode, we take a look at a Stephen King short story most constant readers have never read. "The Reploids" has never appeared in one of King's story collections. But for good reason? That's what we're trying to figure out.


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Mar 14, 2019

In this week's episode, we're talking about teachers who shoot their weirdo alien students and music producers who are afraid of footwear. Do you often enter bathroom stalls holding fully sharpened pencils in a stabbing motion? Well, maybe you oughta start.


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Mar 8, 2019

You gave us the Qs, and we gave you the As.

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