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Castle Rock Radio

Jan 8, 2018

Max and Lori welcome 2018 with one of King's earliest short stories, "Strawberry Spring" from 1978's Night Shift! Is Spring-heeled Jack real? Did Stephen King ever kill anybody in college? All of that and more! Also: lots of NEWS in this episode, including a sequel to one of the worst things SK has ever written. Hooray!

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Music: “The Rat King is Coming” by krackatoa

(FYI, we recorded this on a brand new mic much stronger than what we are used to, so we did not anticipate it to pick up EVERY. LITTLE. SOUND. in our house. We tried to fix most of the noise, but the hum from our dehumidifier ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE HOUSE is still sorta present. Future episodes won't be so wonky. Sorry!)