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Castle Rock Radio: A Stephen King Podcast

Nov 16, 2018

In the fourth installment of Stephen King's The Green Mile, John Coffey blows into a mouse's butthole and Paul lends out a shoe.

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Mar 11, 2018

Would you stay in a guest house if someone told you giant toads might rain from the sky? How many toads could a freezer possibly hold, anyway? Also, is this really the story that cured King's writer's block after finishing The Tommyknockers? Betty Rocksteady, author of Like Jagged Teeth, joins us to discuss "Rainy...

Feb 24, 2018

In this very special episode of Castle Rock Radio, Max is joined by Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella of This is Horror/Story Unboxed to pay tribute to the recently departed Jack Ketchum. We talk about a good majority of his work, specifically The Girl Next Door and "The Box", so expect to encounter plenty...

Sep 16, 2017

Prepare to float with us as we discuss the brand new film adaptation of Stephen King's IT with Betty Rocksteady (author of Like Jagged Teeth). What does Pennywise do when he's not spooking kids? Has the Internet turned him into a bonafide sex symbol? All of that and more in today's episode.

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Aug 16, 2017

We convinced Lori's 9-year-old son to help us create the most adorable advert known to man. We're using it on a few other podcasts to spread the good word about Castle Rock Radio and our horror magazine, Dark Moon Digest, but we thought y'all would also be interested in hearing such major cuteness. Don't say we didn't...